Mexico City | CDMX private tours

Inspired by all that lies beyond what you'll see aboard the tour bus, all Mexico City itineraries are bookable for groups of two to 15 people, 365 days a year, depending on availability.

CDMX tours start at $27.50 USD per person per hour, with a four-hour, two-person minimum. Itineraries are completely customizable, but you’ll find some of our favorites below.

Todos nuestros recorridos en CDMX también se ofrecen en español.

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cdmx ruinas urbanas 3.jpg

Urban ruins of the Aztec City 

5 hours | Contact us to book.

Built upon the ancient lake of Texcoco, Ciudad de México — whose name literally translates to "in the center of the moon" — is nothing short of an urban anthropologist's dream. Delve into some of the most iconic remains that still coexist among the former Aztec capital, with stops at Tlatelolco, Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Templo Mayor, a prehispanic shrine that’s now surrounded by one of its busiest metro stations and other historic spots such as where Hernan Cortes first met Aztec emperor Moctezuma in the 1500s. Also included are a traditional meal of prehispanic foods and a round of pulque, once a sacred alcoholic beverage reserved for Aztec royalty. The itinerary provides an excellent opportunity to explore Mexico City's Centro Histórico, a UNESCO world heritage site, with one of our knowledgeable guides.

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'Mercados de la Capital' market hop

5 hours | Contact us to book.

Roam the depths of the capital city's most iconic and historic markets: the famous Mercado Jamaica flower market; the bustling Mercado Merced, which specializes in fresh produce from all around the Mexican republic; the Mercado Sonora witchcraft and santería market and Mercado Ciudadela, a mecca of regional Mexican artisan work and a perfect spot for souvenirs. Included is a pregame pulquería stop and lunch at a typical CDMX fondita in one of the markets.

tacos cdmx.jpg

Taco pilgrimage in Colonia Narvarte

4 hours | Contact us to book.

Savored since pre-Columbian times, the taco — with its fusion of local and foreign flavors, seasoned over the centuries with the culinary creativity of Mexican chefs — has since gone on to conquer the palates of foodies around the world. Taste the vast diversity of this edible icon that Mexico City has to offer on this walkabout through one of its most traditional and iconic middle-class neighborhoods, home to many locals’ favorites including one of the first spots to serve the al pastor style that was originally introduced by Lebanese immigrants in Puebla in the early 1900s. The tour includes servings at four taquerías and a round at a craft beer bar that serves some three dozen labels of Mexican cerveza artesanal, also in Colonia Narvarte.

san angel frida.jpg

The streets of San Ángel-Chimalistac

5 hours | Contact us to book.

Explore the hidden jewel of San Ángel and Chimalistac, once elite neighborhoods during the years of Spanish colonization that later became home to art world power couple Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. In addition to their iconic bridged house and art studios, you'll discover some of Mexico City's oldest and most picturesque streets. Also on the itinerary are 17th century mummies in a former Carmelite monastery and St. Patrick's memorial, dedicated to the Irish-American soldiers who aided Mexico in the Mexican-American War. Included are a round of margaritas at a 17th century hacienda that's now a top CDMX eatery, lunch at a trendy tortería and entrance to three museums: Museo y Casa Studio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo, Museo de El Carmen and Museo Casa del Risco. This tour makes for an excellent opportunity for photography enthusiasts and Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera fans, be it as a prelude to or in lieu of Kahlo's famous childhood home, Casa Azul, in nearby Coyoacan.

xochimilco 2.jpg

Xochimilco canal cruise

4-6 hours | Contact us to book.

Sail down the waterways that once served as the Aztec empire's irrigation system for its extensive network of farmlands — now often referred to as the Venice of Mexico — aboard colorful wooden boats known as trajineras.  Included is transportation from the city to Xochimilco, trajinera rental and a picnic of traditional Mexican eats prepared aboard, plus refrescos, cervezas and mezcal. Xochilmilco treks must be booked seven days in advance and require a minimum of 4 adults.

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